• We specialize in custom trips...
    Just you and the dolphins...
    swimming eye to eye, heart to heart...
  • With love, joy & mutual respect...
    We respect the dolphins as wild & free
  • Away from the crowds...
    Your own intimate encounter!
  • "My heart was overflowing with joy!"

    - Susan Day, New Mexico

    "We had a whole pod of dolphins to ourselves!"

    - Michael Rose, Connecticut

  • In our small group trips,
    it'll be a meeting

    you'll remember...

    ... the rest of your life!
  • Custom trips kayaking with whales in Hawaii
    from December to March
  • Our custom trips
    give you the best encounters possible
  • "I found that my purpose in life is joy!"

    - Lauren Jubilerer

    "I came home totally

    filled with love"

    - Daniel Doucette

  • Our trips are for all nature lovers...
    You're always in fun company with us!
  • On our Maui whale kayak trips
    and invite the whales to come to us...
    we send our love into the sea...
  • "A heart-opening, life-changing encounter for the three of us!"

    - Jill Fischer, Canada

    "The fulfillment of a lifelong dream"

    Linn Manstrom, Sweden

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    surprise and inspire you?
  • "I don't know if our family
    has ever been happier"
    Kimberlee Gallagher, WA
  • "Our third trip with Joe in three years;
    each trip better than the last!"
    Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland
  • "Our journey with Joe was spiritually uplifting,
    emotionally compelling and physically exciting"
    Tamar Miller, Cambridge, MA

Joebaby’s Extended Bio

A playful lover of life, Joebaby reflects back to people that this world is already a Heaven on Earth, and that the tools to find joy in the moment are around and within us. He reminds us that harmony is inevitable and that innately we all just love each other and sometimes we forget.

He invites us to experience the beauty in nature, and bring the lessons that nature teaches back into our relationships at work and home. He facilitates a remembrance that life is a dance and that we are all ‘fingers of the same hand’.

He is leading the metamorphosis of the masculine into a cooperative, synergistic, gentle and kind way of being. He is here to ignite the playful child in us, to help us see God in all things, including ourselves and each other.

Seventh of eight kids, Joebaby grew up fishing, hunting and farming in Southern Maine. He started exploring hatha yoga and pranayama as a teenager, and was inspired by the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Edgar Cayce and Yogananda. When he was fifteen, during a family counseling session over the suicide of his brother, he had a profound shift and realized that we are the masters of our own destiny, and that it is only our unconscious beliefs that limit us. He began a daily practice of Transcendental Meditation in high school that he continued for decades.

When he turned 18 he moved to Portland and worked as a carpenter, studied reflexology and acupuncture, and successfully cured himself of spastic colitis. At the age of 22 he moved to Northern Maine, bought 13 acres of land on a dirt road,

Joebaby’s log cabin in the woods

cut down a bunch of trees, built a log cabin and lived in the woods for a year without electricity or running water.

One northern Maine winter was enough (!) and after that he moved to the Boston area and joined the Swampscott Church of Spiritualism, where he was recognized as having the gift of healing. Over the next decade he had a private healing practice using shiatsu, reflexology and flower essences, and worked as a healer using the laying on of hands in local churches and hospitals.

During this time he also ran his own carpentry business based on the collaborative approach to working with the Devas and Elementals made popular by the work of Eileen Caddy and Findhorn.

Realizing that the physical illnesses he was treating as a hands-on healer had their origins in our thoughts and beliefs, he studied psychosynthesis, the forerunner of the Holistic movement, and worked as a residential counselor at a psychiatric halfway house.

He also received training in the ‘Option Process’ at The Option Institute, where he lived for two years, counseling individuals and rolling around on the floor working/playing with autistic children.

In 1987 he built a full-time private psychotherapy practice, applying the skills and experience he had from working in disciplines from both the East and the West. As a therapist he’s worked in a domestic violence program, counseled male batterers and spoken in prisons to violent offenders.

Joebaby worked as a wilderness guide leading canoeing, hiking and sailing trips for several Outward Bound schools around the country, including Hurricane Island Outward Bound in Maine and Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center in Boston.

A group healing ceremony in the ocean

In 1990 he started his own consulting company that teaches Leadership and Teambuilding programs to colleges, universities and Fortune 500 companies including Harvard, MIT, GE, BellSouth, HP, IBM. He’s facilitated agreements between union and management, hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. He takes executives on Leadership Retreats around the world, including such adventures as climbing, rafting, sailing and swimming with dolphins and sharks. For info on his corporate programs, visit www.JoeNoonan.com

Combining his wilderness skills with his holistic facilitation skills, in 1992 he started Planetary Partners, leading Self Awareness seminars and retreats for individuals, couples, men’s and women’s groups. Planetary Partner’s mission is aligning groups of kindred souls for personal and planetary awakening.

In 1995, Joebaby had his first swim with a pod of Wild Dolphins and stepped out of the water a changed man. Since that time, he’s brought groups of executives, CEO’s, the terminally ill, pregnant moms, babies, spiritual groups, families and people from all over the world to swim with the wild dolphins in the Pacific and Atlantic. He’s called the ‘Dolphin Whisperer’ for the way dolphins respond to him.

“I love the Ocean, She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and fully embraces us with her unconditional love”

Combining his love of the ocean and inspired by the work of Dr. Emoto, he began offering Water Ceremonies at different conferences and community events. The water he uses is from sacred springs from around the world and carries the love and blessings of thousands.

In 2008 he was given the name ‘Nimbeesh’, aka ‘Merman’, by a group of Native Elders, recognizing him as the return of the Mer-people, those who bridge land and sea.

His YouTube videos have over a quarter of a million views and he writes a blog, ‘Everyday Ecstasy’, in which he shares his profound experiences with everyday life.

Through his writing, workshops, seminars and retreats, Joebaby reminds and awakens our innate love of life. A playful individual, he’s a masterful life coach, spiritual guide and assists people in their path to Awakening.

He sees these times as the culmination of a great Planetary Awakening and invites you to join the celebration with all your love and passion!